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Provisional results


One of the aims of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been to ensure a rapid and consistent dissemination of the results of elections and referendums throughout the country.

If you wish to consult the electoral results of past elections counted through the provisional ballot, you can do so via the Internet on, from the legislative elections of 1999 or on the Electoral Results page of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Electoral Administration (SGMAI-AE) where information on the provisional ballot, by parish, is available for download, county and district/autonomous region, of the elections held since 1975 (Constituent). 

The dissemination of the results of the provisional ballot, as soon as the polls close, on the very day of the election, requires from all those involved in the process of counting and communicating the electoral results, from the Polling Stations, to the Parish Councils and the Municipal Councils, a strong sense of civic duty, commitment and dedication, in order to ensure not only the effectiveness and rigor that the process requires but also that communication of the results to SGMAI-AE, is carried out quickly.

The SGMAI-AE provides the Municipal Councils with access, through the Internet, to a computer application, the System of Insertion of Affluences and Results (SIAR), for direct registration of information on voter turnout and electoral results determined in the provisional ballot.

The application made available allows the City Councils, when necessary, to accredit the Parish Councils, for direct registration of the results communicated by the presidents of the polling stations. Notwithstanding the possibility mentioned above, the Municipal Councils perform monitoring functions and trigger, when necessary, the contingency procedures, set up by SGMAI -AE.

The procedures for monitoring, collecting, and registering in the computer application are defined by the Municipal Councils in articulation with the parishes of the municipality.

After the close of voting and the announcement of the results, the chairman of the polling stations must communicate them, as stated in the notices, as quickly as possible to the locally defined entity, with priority over the provision of information to any other entity.

The locally determined entity enters the above-mentioned election results into the computer application, scrupulously following the procedural rules defined by the SGMAI-AE.
The information of the electoral results must be recorded by spread sheet in the application provided, and the calculation of the results of the election in the parish is automatically counted.
When disseminating provisional ballot results, the media must indicate that these are provisional results, provided by SGAI-AE.

The official map with the official results of the elections is prepared and published in the Diário da República by the National Election Commission (CNE) in the eight days following (or thirty in the case of local elections) the receipt of the minutes of general calculation of all constituencies.

You can consult here the history of definitive results since 1975 published by CNE.