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​​​​​For the proper functioning of the polling station, it is essential that its members know the essential aspects of the electoral process. Sign up for the course and be an active part of the democratic process!

The training of electoral agents plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of the democratic process and ensuring that elections are conducted more efficiently, avoiding irregularities.

Correct knowledge of the electoral process helps to ensure that electoral procedures are conducted in a fair, transparent manner and in accordance with the laws and regulations established in Portuguese law.

This course is recommended for all citizens who are nominated as members of the polling stations for electoral or referendum processes and for all those who wish to learn more about the electoral process.

What will you learn
  • ​K​now the constitution and functioning of polling stations and the functions assigned to each of their members;
  • Understand the concrete actions to be taken during the electoral process and their importance both in preliminary operations and at the time of voting;
  • ​Train polling station members to deal with unexpected situations, voters with special needs, complaints, among others;
  • ​Master the procedures for calculating and communicating results.

The course is structured into 3 modules, with videos and a resource area with legislation, manuals and links to useful websites.
  • ​​Module 1 – Polling tables: General Provisions
  • Module 2 – Operations
  • Module 3 - Clearance
In each module you will have to answer an evaluation questionnaire, with 4 questions, which will appear randomly. You can review the videos and resources as many times as you consider necessary.


Course without prerequisites, open to all interested citizens.

Assessment and certification

At the end of each module you will find a short knowledge assessment questionnaire.

To obtain the Certificate, you will need to complete the course and obtain a result greater than 75% in the assessment questionnaires carried out at the end of each module.

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